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Our company is a professional company, which research and development, design and manufacture gas heat exchangers. The company has large-scale production base, Main products include gas plate heat exchanger, the indirect heat exchange type new type hot blast stove, 1400 ℃ heat resistance of radiant heat exchanger, combination of high temperature and high pressure heat exchanger and high efficiency energy-saving waste incineration system, etc.

Company Profile

  Nanjing Yire Zonglian Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., located in Science Park of Southeast University, Nanjing, has taken “Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction, Green, Environmental Protection” as its duty, developed, innovated and served industrial fields of chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy and electric power since its establishment, with an expert team led by professor senior engineers, large production base and large complete processing equipment.   

  Major products: Gas-gas plate heat exchangers resisting the temperature under 950℃, U-tube combined heat exchangers resisting high temperature and high pressure, heat radiation heat exchangers resisting the temperature of 1300℃, blast stoves with indirect heat transfer, finned tube heat exchangers, high-efficiency and energy-saving waste gas incineration systems, hot air systems and other energy-saving products.   

  Industry Status: Our company owns national invention patent technologies, our technical indexes have reached internationally advanced level, and our products have been used in the field of high temperature smoke heat transfer for years, and won the trust of users.   

  Our products have been used by large enterprises such as Durr, American SD, Baosteel, Jilin Chemical Group and PetroChina and Japanese and Taiwan enterprises on the mainland, and exported to Taiwan, India, UAE, Turkey, Spain and other countries and regions.